Culture and Recreation

Enjoy the enchantment of the most sweet rolling Marche's hills

   San Vicino mountain

Countryside and nature

The Frasassi's Caves

In 20-25 minutes by car you can find the Frasassi's Caves, which may be one of the most beautiful and astonishing caves in Italy.

Culture and Recreation

    Apiro: the folklore 

Apiro is a place where the folkloristic tradition is famous all over the world. Every August the comunity of Apiro organizes a very famous international folkloristic festival, as well as many smaller ones all year round, which come from a very ancient regional tradition.

The Culture..

The Theater

A real jewel, the pride of our country: the façade, in Baroque style from the sixteenth century is of great value specially for the front door decorations. The shape of the main body is trapezoidal, typical of the Italian theater. The roof is of "camorcanna" decorated in tempera with a central painted wooden rosette that supports the central lighting. The fresco on the vault is attributed to the painter Gaetano Galassi from Fermo. It reproduces a series of portraits of famous composers (Rossini, Bellini , Marchetti, Spontini, Verdi, Pergolesi, Donizetti and Rossi) alternating and floral decorations, muses and cherubs.

Dedicated to G. Mestica it has 150 seats and is in four levels: 1 level with stalls, 2 levels with boxes,1 level with gallery.

 Faith and culture: the three abbeys

From here you can also visit many little sanctuaries and three particular abbeys built around 1000 A.D., situated near Apiro, S. Urbano (photo), S. Elena and S. Romualdo;The Loreto's sanctuary is only  45 minutes away by car.

Coldigioco, geologic observatory and not only   

The geological observatory of Coldigioco is located at only 1 km.away fom our farm house, in the beautiful and tiny hilltop village of Coldigioco. It is a famous indipendant center for research and education in geology, art, music and cuisine. It mostly organizes abroad courses for universities, institutes and private individuals. The observatory of Coldigioco has appeared more than once on national scientific television programes.

Macerata's opera:

Lyric opera of a very high level

For the fans of  international lyric opera, during the summertime, in the Macerata's Spheristerio (about 45 minutes away by car), an international opera season is held. Because of the acoustics of the opera house and the importance of the performers, it has visitors from all over the world.

..and the Entertainment

  Cingoli's lake: swimming, fishing and canoeing 

A non  più di quattro chilometri trovi il lago di Cingoli, invaso artificiale di notevoli dimensioni (il braccio più lungo è di 5 Km.) dove puoi praticare nuoto, pesca, canoa o magari farti un giro di tutto relax  in pedalò.

Bicycle - Tennis - Horses - Martial Arts and...more

If you're fond of mountain biking, there is a close net of trails, guided by specific road signs all through the beautiful country side of this area. The nearest tennis field is to no more than three kilometers away, in a pleasant country whose name is  Poggio Vicino. The horses are not moore than than five kilometres away and you can  chose to walk on the S.Vicino Mountain (above all American riding)or the  classical riding track, near  Apiro (above all  English riding). If you like martial arts or, you like in general to make sports,  you have chose the right place: our farmholiday is structured really for this kind of activity and besides, on request, we organize courses of Tae  Kwon Do or Kick Boxing or.... belly dance.

Waterpark Eldorado

It is a very important sports complex. The Eldorado has swimming-pools and water slides, and is located not more than six kilometres from our farmhouse.


The sea 

The most beautiful beaches of the Marche Region coast are mostly located under the Conero mountain, not more than one hour away by car.